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Modern and classic pintxos at any time of the day

Our pintxo bar is always well stocked with temptations at any time of the day, as our kitchen is open all day long. The pintxos are constantly replenished so that you can savour them in all their essence. We also have a special Merrychef accelerated convention oven so that you can enjoy them at their perfect point.
We warn you that it is going to be very difficult to choose between so many different pintxos. They all win you over at first sight.

Crab au gratin

The pintxo de txangurro gratin is a delight due to its creamy texture and intense flavour of delicious fresh seafood.

Cod in pilpil sauce

A miniature version of a classic Basque dish. With crispy garlic chips and black olive soil.

Zancarron in red wine

A traditional stew in pintxo format. An unmistakable taste of slow cooking with a lot of care.

Creamy cheese croquette

Crunchy and super creamy, a cheese flavour bomb that explodes on your palate. With cream cheese and a touch of red fruits.

Mini burger

Our blend of grilled meat, grilled to perfection, with lettuce, pickled onion and a touch of Cheddar sauce.

Goat log with red fruits

Intense goat cheese flavour, with a tomato layer and a slight hint of tropical fruits.

Amama meatballs in sauce

Unmistakable taste of amama cuisine. Tender and juicy, with a sauce that forces you to spread it all over.

Cod confit with peppers

Cod fillet confit at low temperature until the cod flakes open and accompanied by roasted peppers.

Salmon with avocado

Avocado slices topped with our homemade smoked salmon, cream cheese and black olive powder.

Potato omelette

A must, potato confit, free-range eggs and curd at the perfect point for you to enjoy it with all its flavour.


A classic that is a must in any bar in the Basque Country. Piparras, a good anchovy and olives.

Caramelised Brie cheese

Creamy and intense caramelised Brie cheese with grated tomato, wild fruits and a touch of mint.